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Welcome to The Access Initiative's (TAI's) Assessment Software.

Are you involved with an ongoing TAI Assessment?
If so, log in at left or the top right of the screen.

Are you new to TAI's Assessment Software?
If you are not yet familiar with The Access Initiative, please visit our home page (www.accessinitiative.org) to learn about the TAI partnership. If you are familiar with TAI and are interested in starting an assessment in your country, read on to learn more about TAI's Assessment Software.

TAI's online software program will guide you step-by-step through the TAI methodology - a thoroughly tested approach that allows you to assess your country's level of transparency, accountability, and citizen participation with regard to the environment. Over 30 countries on five continents are using the TAI methodology for research and to report on and advocate for improvements in the level of access to information, access to justice, public participation in decision-making, and capacity building.

Exploring the TAI Assessment Software
To explore TAI's Assessment Software, you can log in as a guest (use "guest@tai.org" as the login and guest as the password) and use the assessment software as you would for your own country assessment.

Starting an Assessment
Prior to starting an assessment, you should verify that an Access Initiative coalition has not already been formed in your country. Check the list of Access Initiative Countries (http://www.accessinitiative.org/tai_countries.html) or e-mail the TAI Secretariat at access@wri.org to find out whether any groups have formed or are in the process of forming a coalition. If a coalition already exists, you should contact coalition members to express your interest in joining them.

If no coalition exists in your country and you wish to begin a TAI assessment, you will need to establish an Access Initiative coalition and request a login for the coalition leader. Click here for more information on getting involved with TAI.

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